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Please Go to Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay has long been one of my favorite properties on the Strip. The only impediment to frequent visits for me has been its southern location. Otherwise, the beautiful grounds and upscale atmosphere always inspire a visit.

I can’t wait to go back. If you’re headed out to Vegas soon, you should.

MB and its adjoining sister property, Delano, boast some of the best views of the Strip in their top floor lounges, The Foundation Room and SkyFall.

MB’s restaurant row showcases some of the finest restaurants in the city, including the spot where I had what is likely my favorite meal in Vegas, Libertine Social.

Libertine Social

The casino, while sprawling, is luxurious without pretension.

Really though, I want you to go to Mandalay Bay because their employees deserve it. They deserve to have a sense of normalcy returned to their schedule. They deserve to be surrounded by guests they’re used to, those taking in the Vegas revelry- those who create an infectious amount of positive energy. They deserve to not have their wages, if primarily based on gratuities, affected by an event of which they had no control.

I’m encouraged by others in the Vegas online community who plan to patronize the property in the near future. I wish I could join you.

So, please go. Tip well. And try to, even if briefly, put a smile on the faces you see.

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