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The New Pool at the Plaza: Finally, Another Option Downtown

With only two other serviceable pools downtown, the Plaza has added some value to their resort with this new complex. While it can’t match some of the top pools of the Strip by way of scope, it offers a comfortable space that should accommodate Fremont visitors nicely.

Well, here's the pool.
Well, here’s the pool.

The highly lauded pickleball courts will open as the weather cools, but the Plaza pool offers other amenities to hold guests over in the meantime. The shallow pool is lined with cabanas available for rent. Prices will likely fluctuate with demand, but rental fees range from $100 for weekdays and $225 for weekends. Food and beverage costs are extra, but the cost is still cheap for a laid back afternoon with a few friends. Cabanas or daybeds are a must if you’re visiting during the stifling summer months.

This is a cabana.
This is a cabana.
More cabanas

If you can’t stand being away from the tables for too long, don’t worry, a blackjack and mini-craps table can be found in the shade near the pool entrance. I’d rather have in-pool gaming, but I imagine it’s hard to convince a suited pit boss to stand in the water.

If you can’t stand the heat, grab an umbrella. Seriously, you need to; it’s hot.

Chef Shawn Giordano, no, not of pizza fame, is responsible for the food truck menu. Oh yeah, there’s a food truck up there. By all accounts, Giordano is quite the chef. The food truck menu features some standard California food truck fare- lobster rolls, tacos, and lettuce wraps made up my limited look at the menu. If you’re not in the mood for food made on wheels, delivery is available from Pop Up Pizza and Zaba’s Mexican Grill.

Bingo, Dino DNA.
Bingo, dino DNA.

There’s an area for a stage meant for live music along with a full bar. The pool will stay open past its usual closing time, 7pm, when special events take place. Overall, it’s a nice spot for an area that’s otherwise lacking in decent pool options. My one worry is that there isn’t enough shaded space for non-cabana having guests. I was there right when it opened and it was already incredibly hot. Granted, it was July, but I can’t see spending too much time in any pool complex unless I have my own dedicated spot out of the sun.

There are six cabanas total. One for each of my friends...
There are six cabanas total. One for each of my friends…

For me, this new venue makes the Plaza a much more viable option when planning a multiple day stay downtown. Is it a game changer? Is it going to revolutionize Fremont? No. We don’t need to get heavy handed on the superlatives. It’s simply a clean, comfortable space and a much-needed addition to the under-pooled downtown landscape. Now, they just have to add a final touch to get the Millennial crowd to flock to the new space- shuffleboard.

For more information: The Pool at the Plaza

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