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Negotiating with your Spouse: A Practical Guide to Talking Your Wife into Going to Vegas

Editor’s note: This post comes courtesy of friend of the pod, @WallStreetNole. I’m always looking for tips to make Vegas more appealing for my significant other. Let’s face it, Vegas can be a tough sell. For more tips, check a similar post by another friend of the pod, Taylor. Here’s a few pointers from WSN:

Predict the future based on the past:

This is when you meticulously document and analyze anything your wife did and did not enjoy on your prior Vegas trip. Mitigate the downside and pump the upside (A little trick we use on Wall Street). For example: Likes for her included Spa, Downtown Gambling, and shows. No problem, bigger and better spa this time, half the stay downtown but off of Fremont (DTG) and more shows. Dislikes: Walking, duration and noise. More Uber/Lyft and less walking, shorter stay (only by a day) and more shows and dinners without the constant casino noise.

Plan your savings:

Two nights free with MyVegas, 2 dinners free with My Vegas, credit card reward points for the flight and players club comps and rewards during the stay. My favorite line to drop is, “It’s actually costing us more money not to go to Vegas!”

Throw in extra perks:

We all know about Forum Shops, but how about the nation’s best outlet malls (saves me $$ too)!  She loves the pool so… “Sweetheart, how about a cabana this time??”

Schedule “Me” time:

After buying that big purchase at the mall or after a long day at the pool Casually drop the hint that you may do some late night gambling while the wife sleeps. Now it’s on!!!!

I’ve definitely maximized travel rewards points to soften the blow. MyVegas has been especially helpful as well. Free rooms at a decent resort is a good sell. Further, promising some spa time for her gives me some time to hit the tables. If you play your cards right, luck may just be on your side:


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