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MyVegas Q&A

I’ve been quite a few emails regarding MyVegas since my guest spot on Cousin Vito’s Casino Podcast, so I figured I’d answer a couple questions publicly for y’all’s benefit:

How much spend did you use to get access to multiple day comp rooms?

Lifetime I’ve spent around $20, but about $15 of that was this year. I did this despite saying I’d likely never spend money on this dang game. I was on a beach vacation and was going heavy on the blackjack app. This opened up two-night room comps at the mid-tier and below properties. I also can now redeem a comped night at Aria.

It’s important to note that these results are not guaranteed. The exact amount it takes to expand the rewards catalog is a mystery. I’ve read of people needing sometimes twice as much to see the same rewards. Spend at your own risk.

I recently purchased chips ($19 value) and I believe that certain room rewards were unlocked for me…I was wondering what other rewards you may have noticed have been unlocked for you after purchasing chips?  I went through the rewards and couldn’t notice anything.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a new reward I’m seeing is based on spend or just general expansion by Playstudios. I noticed that after my modest spend that I was granted an extra reward in the 30 day redemption period by MGM Resorts. Normally, a user is allowed to redeem three rewards, I can now use four in that time. Does this officially make me a high roller?

Do you need to link to Facebook to redeem the rewards? Have you had any problems with it? Has it ever spammed your friends?

You do have to link to Facebook, but I’ve had no problems with spamming. Before posting on your behalf, the app will ask if you’d like to share whatever monumental MyVegas feat you just accomplished.

How easy is to redeem room rewards?

It’s quite easy. You need to be sure that you have an MLife account and that it’s the account you linked with your MyVegas account. If for some reason there’s a mix-up, just contact Playstudios support to match both accounts. On the bottom right corner of your desktop app will have your player specific support code – be sure to note this to make the process easier.

When you purchase the room reward, you’ll enter your email and be sent a code and link. Clicking the link will take you to the MLife Rewards page for redemption. There, you’ll see a calendar of available dates. Most room comps are only available on weekdays. If you’d like to get an idea of availability before making a purchase, head to Mark’s Las Vegas. He does a great job of posting calendars as they become available.

When you make your room and date selection, you’ll also have the option of adding other days to bookend your itinerary – at full price of course. If you can’t find days that work for you, you can simply cancel the reward and get your points back. Once you make your reservation, you can still cancel without a monetary penalty, but your MyVegas points will not be refunded.

Also, you can not have two different room comp rewards active at the same time. Say you have a comped night through MyVegas for next month, but have a Vegas trip planned for the following month as well. Lucky you. It would be nice to get another room reward, but as long as the first comp is active and the reservation is still pending, you won’t be able to redeem another room comp reward, even if it’s at a different MGM property.

If you have any MyVegas or general Vegas questions, feel free to contact me. Talking and writing about Vegas is one of the most funnest things I can do.

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