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myVegas Blackjack App: A Good Time with Poor Strategy

I’ll say this right off the top, the mobile version of myVegas blackjack is a ton of fun. The interface is clean and the graphics are nice. The settings provide a lot of useful options like speeding up play and allowing you to switch between male and female dealers. I actually prefer the male dealer; I’m not sure why. Whatever, stop judging. The mobile app, separate from the desktop and mobile slot variations also give players yet another way to build their myVegas LP bankroll. However, one goofy aspect of the mobile blackjack game is the bonus opportunities.

On every table there is a little meter in the upper left corner of your screen. You can move the gauge on that meter by making “bold” plays. You know, like splitting 10s when the dealer is showing a face card. In fact, the plays aren’t really “bold”, but “bad”. Bad, that is, if your desire to is to play basic strategy. Once your meter fills up, because you’ve made numerous bad plays, you’re rewarded with extra chips. Yay! Unfortunately, the chips with which you are rewarded are minimal. Economically speaking, it’s not an efficient way to build your chip stack. You most likely lost more making the bad plays by ignoring basic strategy. The progressive table is even more guilty of this faulty play. To win the progressive jackpot, you have to acquire four aces of the same color in a single hand. This means that you’d most likely be keeping aces together when you would have otherwise split them- a basic strategy no-no.

I’m somewhat comfortable with basic strategy and would never stray away from it in a real casino, when real money is on the line. But when I load up the myVegas blackjack app, I’ll throw some chips around and make some goofy plays. It’s fun trying to hit the progressive and turn stats on their head. Sure, you won’t find these kinds of games on hard core gamer sites like on, but who has time for that? So, I have no problem with how the game is set up or overall play. If you head into a casino and start playing the real thing, just be sure you’re up to date on basic strategy and leave the “bold” plays at home. 


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