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PLAYSTUDIOS, makers of the popular MyVegas SLOTS game, which offers rewards for play redeemable in Vegas and other gambling destinations, has launched a new way to earn points and inch closer to real-world prizes: bingo.

myVEGAS BINGO keeps the cartoonish Vegas theme. As players level up, they’ll unlock more MGM Resorts properties to daub at. In the early days of myVEGAS slots, one of the more fun features was building up experience to unlock more resorts. I’m glad they kept that mechanic with BINGO.

Each resort has a fun, themed background and unique jackpot opportunities. At Excalibur, for instance, making an ‘X’ on a card will give you a big payday. Each casino has its own board-filling bonus as well. PLAYSTUDIOS makes what could otherwise be a fairly straightforward game engaging with in-game bonus opportunities.

You can play multiple cards, which will be randomly populated with bonuses helping you on your bingo pursuits. For an extra boost, there’s an option to buy powerups with gems before the game begins. The goal isn’t necessarily to be the first to bingo—it’s more to fill your board(s) and snag as many chips, collection items, and bonuses before the game is over. The game is over when a certain number of bingos have been completed among competing players. I usually play with 4 cards and the game allows for 35 bingos to be made. I’m not entirely sure how many players I’m competing against at any one time.

It’s hard to determine how quickly LP’s are rewarded, the currency needed to redeem prizes. I just know I get a 50 LP deposit somewhat sporadically as I’m playing. I’m sure there’s a formula somewhere.

A club feature provides a way for friends to help each other with additional bonuses. Feel free to join the TFB club called “Red Chippers”. It’s a very influential bingo club to be a part of.

Overall, it’s a fresh addition the myVEGAS lineup, which already includes both slots and blackjack. You do have to be far more involved in the gameplay than the slots app, which you can typically just let run on auto spin in the background.

As someone who doesn’t typically play slots or bingo live, I was surprised at how much I took to the game. There’s a lot to keep players engaged. Now, PLAYSTUDIOS, please, can we get a video poker version?

myVEGAS BINGO is available in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

Here’s a look at some playthrough by Ace of Vegas:

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