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The newsletter is temporarily suspended until summer of 2022. I will announce when new issues will be available and subscriptions are open. Thanks.

The TFB Vegas Newsletter offers money-saving Vegas tips and deals right to your inbox for less than the price of anything you’ll find in the hotel minibar.

My goal is to deliver a combination of popular and unique finds designed to help you have a top-shelf Vegas trip at a happy hour price. Tips may range from the uber-cheap $1 beers and bets to significant savings on suites and steaks.

What will it include?

The twice-monthly email features Vegas values and tips including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Happy hour specials
  • Drink and dining deals
  • Gambling tips
  • Rewards program promotions
  • Pool season values
  • Sportsbook values
  • Advice from great minds in the Vegas content community
  • General Vegas tomfoolery

What won’t it include?

Unlike other Vegas newsletters, I don’t include longwinded monologues complaining about the state of Vegas nor do I rely on a list of “legacy deals” that don’t change for years. You also won’t find any of the following:

  • A static list of “exclusive deals” that aren’t exclusive and certainly aren’t creative
  • Political posturing
  • 500+ word diatribes pining for the Vegas of yesteryear
  • A simple, lazy listicle of links to Vegas blogs or news sites

So, what does it cost?

$3 a month. But sign up for 6 months and you’ll get a month for free. Buy a full year upfront, you’ll get 2 months free. This is on par with other Vegas newsletters, but the TFB Vegas Newsletter is different because you can subscribe month-by-month and you can try it out for 14 days for free. I like options. I certainly don’t like the idea of locking people in for a full year if they’re not sure they’ll find it valuable.

I have the curious mindset of a tourist and I enjoy digging. If you want me to email you the fun stuff I find, sign up below!

You can see the site and newsletter privacy policy here: TFB Privacy Policy

In short, I use Mailchimp to manage newsletter contact information and Stripe for payment processing. I don’t store any personal information locally. If you have questions regarding the newsletter or managing your subscription, please feel free to contact me.