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Mera Business Lounge – CUN Terminal 3

The Mera Business Lounge in terminal 3 of Cancun International Airport (CUN) is a small, crowded space, but is still far better than being with the masses outside. Terminal 3 is absolutely frenetic and claustrophobic. Mera offers a slightly more comfortable experience with standard drink options and decent small plates.

The Fanwife and I had access through Priority Pass, a perk from our Amex Platinum card. We arrived at a packed lounge with limited seating. They have this odd circular sectional piece that sits right in the middle, congesting the bar area.

A large bar top table ran parallel to the food stations. This is likely your best option if looking for seating for multiple people. Securing something plush is just about luck.

The food was pretty good and the service was excellent. There are plenty of spots to plug in and the wifi was adequate. These are the big perks of lounge access for me, as I’m not a big pre-flight drinker.

Overall, the Mera lounges are fairly unimpressive compared to their U.S. counterparts, but if you’re a Priority Pass member, you don’t really have any other options here. It’s certainly better than being a sweaty mess out in the terminal with the plebs. I was just hoping that they would have a reserved, comfy seating area for famous travel celebrities like me. No such luck. I wrote a strongly worded letter voicing this concern. Maybe next time.

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