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Video Poker Players can “Score with 4” at Main Street Station in downtown Las Vegas

For most video poker players, the pursuit of the elusive royal is what keeps them going when interest and winnings starts to fade. Main Street Station, however, is giving players a chance at a big win without having to hit a sequential flush. With the “Score with 4” promotion, VP players will win a scratch card for any four-of-a-kind, max play required. The four-of-a-kid must be a natural, so no wild cards. Each scratch card has a potential to win up to $5,000 in cash. No word if lesser payouts are rewarded in free play or other promotional items. Reel slot players will receive a scratch card for every 300+ credit win.

To be eligible, you must be singed up and be using the B Connected player’s club card. If you happen to hit a four-of-a-kind or a 300+ win on slots, grab the attention of an attendant before playing a new hand; attendants will need to verify the win.

This promotion adds a fun, new element to what can otherwise be somewhat monotonous VP play. You have a 1/40,000 chance to hit a royal and can go for long stretches before hitting it. The chances of ending with a four of a kind, according to, is 1/423. I’ve played in a few, short sessions in which I’ve hit multiple four-of-a-kinds. On my next trip, I’ll likely be taking my play to MSS to get rewarded a little more.

For more information: Main Street Station “Score with 4” Promotion

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  • Don’t forget to have a few pints from the 777 Brew Pub. Great Beer! They will pour them for free while you play 9/6 Jacks at the casino bar. Hope you hit that Royal Cheers!

  • One very minor clarification: a few trips ago, I hit quad deuces on their deuces wild machine. That got me a scratch ticket, despite them being wild cards. I think I was more excited about the scratch ticket than the $250 win.

    • I do not like people fact checking my site, Travis. You should know this by now. Good point, regardless. So, you technically hit 5 OAK, but they gave you the scratch card based on the 4 deuces? Good on them. I’ve yet to hit a 4 OAK there. Hopefully this upcoming trip.