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Las Vegas Podcasts for Your Listening Gaiety

I’m in the process of creating a “resources” page, but in the meantime, I think it would be useful to list all the Vegas podcasts currently creating content. There are quite a few people out there sharing their passion for the city in one way or another. I think it’s important to hear different views on all things Vegas. Here are some of my peers in the Vegas and gambling niche regularly hitting the airwaves:

*In a very particular order, but don’t try figuring it out

Still producing:

You Can Bet on That

My go-to resource for casual gambling education. Great banter and sound advice.

Five Hundy By Midnight

The original Vegas podcast. Podcasting was in its infancy when FHBM first hit the record button. Weekly Vegas news and commentary with occasional reviews and trip reports.

Faces and Aces LV

Hosted by my buddy, Chris, this show introduces listeners to the people who make Las Vegas a great place for us to visit. Chris will help you get off the beaten path and try something new.

Vital Vegas

Scott, editor of the blog of the same name and man about town, hosts this weekly news and listicle show. Interviews, interesting stories, and top 10 lists of the “best ____ in Vegas”.

360 Vegas

A rundown of Vegas news and frequent host tangents on and off topic. People having fun talking about the city. Bonus, the new co-host is also on…

Vice Lounge Online

A three-part show featuring alcohol and cigar reviews followed by gambling discussion. My appreciation for whisky has developed quite a bit since I started tuning in.

Vegas Gang

The three knowledgeable hosts behind this long-running show discuss the business side of Vegas and gambling.

Comped Vegas

A short podcast (can’t go wrong with that) featuring Vegas and travel tips along with reviews and gambling talk.

Vegas Tripping

Writers for VT host a roundtable discussion of the Vegas topic du jour. The only thing missing, I think, is an actual round table.

Vegas Bright

A new podcast from the Vegas Bright editor-in-chief discussing Vegas news, Vegas Bright updates, and links from around the Vegas web.

Downtown Podcast

Late night talk show style podcast filmed live in Downtown Las Vegas. Brings interesting Vegas personalities together with tremendous production value.

Gambling With An Edge

In-depth gambling discussion and interviews from full-time gamblers and writers.

Tipping the Odds

It’s a Vegas news podcast with political commentary thrown in. Either that, or a political commentary podcast with Vegas news thrown in. Either way, your odds will be tipped.

Gambler’s Book Club

Hosted in the Gambler’s Book Club in Las Vegas, host Howard Schwartz and guests discuss, of all things, books, famous gamblers, and the scene in general.

The Vegas Tourist

Host Mark Anthony and guests discuss the news and reviews of Las Vegas from a local’s perspective.

Somewhere in Vegas

Stories based in Sin City from people of all walks of life, from celebrities to average Joes.

Living in LV

Hosts give people a unique take on what it takes to live in Sin City. Ripe with tips and stories about our favorite city.

Vegas Fanboy

This podcast sets the standard with mediocre content for attention span challenged listeners. People rave about this soft hitting show:

“What’s a podcast?” – Vegas Fanboy’s mom

“People actually listen to this?” – Vegas Fanboy’s wife




Holy hell, that’s a lot of Vegas content. Did I miss any?


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