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Is the Uber Credit Card Actually Good?

Sometimes, simple works. The Uber credit card, while it has significant limitations, is an interesting cashback card worth some consideration. I won’t get into the merits of Uber as a company, rather I will simply be commenting on the compelling aspects of the co-branded Barclays credit card. Let’s start with the good:

The Good

Generous cash back categories. The card rewards consumers to the tune of 4% on dining, 3% on travel, and 2% on online purchases.These rewards clearly speak to a clientele likely to use Uber. As a member of, but not a participant in, the take-out generation, I can see how accelerated rewards on restaurant spending would be a big draw. Further, the online purchase category, while only offering 2%, is more charitable than other cards, as these charges include online retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

The Uber card excludes needed categories for families: gas and grocery. But it may be a good option for a young upstart or couple with a busy schedule. The card also offers no foreign transaction fees.

The Meh

The sign on bonus isn’t altogether exciting but expected for a fee-free card. Currently, users will earn $100 after $500 worth of spending in the first three months. There is also a $600 mobile phone protection benefit, which covers cardholders in the event of damage or theft, but you have to use your card to pay your monthly phone bill. There are likely a few hoops to jump through during the claims process, but it’s a nice perk on paper.

There is also a $50 online subscription service credit offered after spending $5000 on the card per year. This credit can be applied to a variety of services, notably Netflix subscriptions and Amazon Prime membership.

Cash back rewards can be redeemed seamlessly in Uber app using a connected account. One interesting aspect of the card is that since Uber rides count as an online purchase, they are only rewarded at the 2% rate. You’d think that the company on the card would be the premier spending category, but it’s a weird world we live in.

The Ugly

This is strictly a cash back card. Points can only be used for in-app Uber purchases, cash back to connected bank accounts, gift cards, or via a statement credit. Points have a flat 1 cent per point redemption rate. These limitations really damper an otherwise attractive card. Without the option to transfer to travel partners or take advantage of accelerated redemption options, this card isn’t likely to find a place in my wallet. If this card were a part of the Ultimate Rewards system, it would likely be one of the more valuable on the market.

I do, however, see it as a viable alternative for a young whippersnapper looking for a simple yet productive cash back card.

For more information, peruse the terms and conditions.

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