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Is It Ok for Me to Apply for a Credit Card Before Closing on a House?

Your finances are rarely under such scrutiny as they are when you apply for a mortgage. You’ll need to provide plenty of documentation to prove your ability to make your mortgage payments consistently. I thought simply providing a selfie of me sitting in business class would suffice. It, surprisingly, did not. Even after your documentation has been submitted, any change to your financial standing or credit profile can bring scrutiny prior to closing.

Applying for a new credit card will most certainly lower your score slightly and temporarily. This is caused by the hard inquiry. But that temporary ding to your credit score isn’t your potential lender’s only concern—they may also wonder if you’re apt to take on additional debt. Will this cause your mortgage terms to change drastically? Likely not. Could they change? Absolutely. And with mortgage loan terms typically expanding out more than a decade, even small changes could mean big money.

Of course, this all predicated on your individual credit profile and your lender. Points and miles collectors often have little trouble explaining away a new tradeline on their credit report. Credit card churning is more popular than many probably realize.

The safest strategy is to make no major money moves in the months prior to closing. If that lucrative sign-up bonus simply can’t wait, it may be best to run it by your mortgage broker or loan officer first. They hate surprises.

Closing on a house can be extremely stressful and points and miles opportunities will always be there. Smooth sailing during closing may prove to be worth a lot more than a few extra airline miles.

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For information on how the churn and burn process can impact your credit score: Churn and Burn Credit Score Guide

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