Travel Fanboy

Why I’m Happy I lost

I got off my flight in a jumbled state. A friendly seatmate handed my compadres and I some free drink tickets and we took full advantage of his generosity. Our flight landed just before midnight. We grabbed what we hoped were our bags, hopped in a cab, and headed to the Luxor. I’ll always have an affinity for that property being that it was the first Vegas resort I stayed at as a legal gambler. It’s over the top. In certain areas, the Egyptian theme is downright goofy. But I love it. We checked in, dropped our bags in our room, then went down to hit the tables.

I was excited, like all first time Vegas gamblers. The excessive neon made me stary-eyed. I had dreams of winning it big; I was sure I would hit a major slot jackpot or go on an incredible craps run. I saddled up to an empty blackjack table. I didn’t bother to look at the table odds or rules. It didn’t matter. I knew what I was doing; I was going to win.

I slapped my C-Note on the table confidently. 25 minutes later, it was gone. All of it, along with my gaming confidence. The rest of the trip, I approached each table with trepidation. I was a scared gambler.

I’ve had time since to analyze my first Vegas gambling experience. I went into it overconfident. I didn’t know all of the strategies. I didn’t respect the process. I’m no longer an intimidated gambler. I’ve studied the games and understand the inevitable fallacies of which gamblers convince themselves.

I’m actually thankful for that initial gambling experience. It taught me to venerate the gambling process. I learned that not only do I need to be armed financially when heading to a casino, but mentally as well. I’m confident that the $100 loss has actually saved me quite a bit of money in the long run. I learned that it was my fault I lost that day, not the casino’s. And I appreciate the lesson.


Host of the Vegas Fanboy podcast. A reluctant Millennial. An amateur human.