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Flamingo Hotel/Casino Review

I’ve longed searched for a property that has all the necessary trappings to lure a low roller like myself. I don’t need fancy, just clean and easy. It’s how I like my…you know what, never mind. I may have found what I’ve long been looking for in the Flamingo.

Pricing and location are its main draw. Its center strip location provides easy access to different attractions and casinos. It also makes up for the hotel’s somewhat lackluster dining options. The walk to the abundant and great dining choices at sister property Caesar’s really isn’t bad.

The adjective that frequently comes to mind when describing the hotel is “serviceable”. The rooms aren’t going to blow anyone away, but they’re nice enough. I’m personally a fan of the faux, wood flooring. It makes for easy cleanup and, let’s face it, if you’re partaking in some debauchery, spills are inevitable. All I really need for my Vegas stays is a place to hang my head for couple of hours a night. The modern furnishings and clean linens suit my needs.

The front desk staff was quite impressive. My party had a moderately complicated check-in process. We had ten guests, five reserved rooms, but one person made the order. The front desk attendant’s task was to split the rooms accordingly and separate the bills. It was done quickly and painlessly. All the while allowing us to check-in early with no fee. On top of that, because we were “nice boys”, some of our rooms were upgraded to a strip view. That’s a common theme this Fanboy tend to hark on. The nicer you are, the likely hood of getting hooked up with some freebies skyrockets. Crappy iPhone pictures from our room are below.

Flamingo View 2   Strip View Room

Our walk from the front desk to the room access elevators was only a handful of steps, another great feature. Some of the major resorts along the strip command an almost marathon distance from check-in to room door. If you have disability concerns or just plain old don’t like walking like me, this is fantastic.

The casino is fine enough. There are enough table games and slots to satisfy the average player. The adjacent Margaritaville Casino offers a themed option if you’re hankering for that sort of thing. We found some $5 tables in the morning and early afternoon. Most games jumped up to $10 and above like strip casinos tend to do.

Another, somewhat surprising, plus is the quality of the pool(s). They offer two. The Beach Club is a “family friendly” environment while the Go Pool is adult only and offers a “lively pool party experience”. If you’re not sure if a party pool scene is for you, don’t worry, the GO Pool is advertised as a “friendly pool environment”. I’m not kidding. I went to check it out and was not yelled at upon arrival, so it’s seemingly honest advertising.

Overall, the stay was fine, which is exactly what I was expecting. The Flamingo doesn’t have the “Wow!” factor some of the mega resorts do. But, then again, it doesn’t need it. Clean, serviceable rooms at an affordable rate in a good location are more than enough for this Vegas Fanboy. And that’s exactly what the Flamingo delivers. If you’re loyal to Caesars Entertainment Properties or simply looking for way to experience the strip on the cheap, the Flamingo is a pretty good bet.


The Old Bird
  • Room
  • Casino
  • Service
  • Location
  • low roller friendly

VFB Takeaway

The Flamingo’s age is prominently displayed in the casino. Renovated rooms certainly aren’t bad for those on a budget looking for a centrally located property. Still has plenty of low limit tables day and night. Plus, it houses one of the best pool complexes for an inexpensive resort.


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