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Excalibur Las Vegas Review

I don’t always need a fancy or high-tech room during my Vegas adventures. Typically, I’m just looking for a place to lay my head for a few hours a night. I don’t log many hours in the room, so a place to shower and sleep will suffice. This may be a product of staying in less than extravagant resorts. One place I guarantee I will never stay at again is the castle on the South end of the Strip. There are a few positives to be found on the property, but not many.


There was a hiccup with my reservation. I booked a basic room using a myVegas discount, knowing that I’d have an opportunity to upgrade to a contemporary room later on. They always send emails a few weeks after the booking. The email came and I accepted the upgrade. I was given a confirmation email in return, though was never charged for the room. My trip was split between NYNY and Excalibur, so I was checking in on a busy Friday. The line actually moved pretty quickly. This was good because I was in a hurry to get to the room, change, and make a family function. I got to the room and it turned out to be their basic room, not the contemporary upgrade I was expecting. At this point, I really didn’t have time to go back down and take care of it (I called and this is what the front desk asked). Since I wasn’t charged for the room and in a bit of a time crunch, I sucked it up and stayed in the brown nightmare.

This (part 2).

Excalibur is a bottom tier hotel in the MGM Resorts lineup, likely on par with Circus Circus. There are no standards here. The furniture was incredibly worn. Decorative pieces were broken.

This'll buff right out.
This’ll buff right out.

The shower featured extra hairs and a shampoo bottle left from the previous occupant. I’m actually thankful I didn’t have a blacklight; it’s probably better that I just didn’t know.

Complimentary hairs not pictured.
Complimentary hairs not pictured.
It's hard to appreciate all the detail here. Take your time taking it all in.
It’s hard to appreciate all the detail here. Take your time taking it all in.
"My lady, I beseech you, henceforth we shall no longer lay our heads at Excalibur."
“My lady, I beseech you, henceforth we shall no longer lay our heads at Excalibur.”

I try to keep an open mind and I was truly hoping Excalibur would surprise me, but this room is absolutely terrible. I’ve stayed in motels that were more comfortable. Don’t stay here. It’s not worth it. For a few extra bucks, hop over to the Luxor if you need a healthy helping of theming. Really, if you want to stay on the south end of the Strip, I’d suggest Tropicana. Rates are fairly low, a bit more than Excal, but it’s a better property overall. Plus, there is no charge for parking at the Trop.

Excalibur has the amenities expected for a “resort”, but they’re at the level expected for a hotel of this tier. The gym is suitable, but small. The pools, there are four of them, are acceptable but boring. There’s a place called the Fun Dungeon. This is either an arcade or diorama of the Buffalo Bill scene in Silence of the Lambs.

You can exchange your game tickets for therapy sessions.
You can exchange your game tickets for therapy sessions.

The food options are options, to be sure. If you’re feeling incredibly unadventurous, eat anywhere on the property. Chain Italian and an underwhelming steakhouse are the two culinary high points. You can also pay a waiter to be rude to you at Dick’s Last Resort. Hey, at least the food is bad. The remodeled buffet may be worth a visit if you really need to go to a buffet. 

Actually my favorite place at Excalibur
Actually my favorite place at Excalibur.

The place isn’t all bad, though. The casino and can be downright fun. It’s usually fairly crowded. Low limits will do that. There’s no playable blackjack, but there are plenty cheap craps tables to be found. The 24/7 shop is nice and an amenity that is lacking at many other hotels. Seriously, am I blind or do very few Vegas resorts have decent 24 hour stores? And…that’s about all the positivity I can muster about the property. I’ve had good times here in the past. Unfortunately, it looks like associating Excalibur with positive vibes is something that will remain a memory for me. It would take a lot for me to return in the future.

What are your thoughts on the Vegas Camelot experience?

Brown Sorrows
  • room
  • casino
  • service
  • location
  • low roller friendly

VFB Takeaway

Excalibur’s ‘3’ rating is due solely to its low roller friendliness. The basic rooms is terribly dated and worn. The casino can be fun, but the lack of decent dining options amenities make this a truly lackluster resort.

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