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Episode #70 – Team Gambling

In this episode of the podcast, I discuss team gambling. Listener James brought up the idea to me and I figured it would make for a great discussion on the show. To add to the conversation, I brought on Chris, creator of Vagabond’s Edge, a website all about stretching your gambling dollar.

Chris and I discuss how to approach various games from a team perspective, along with some of James’s rules for team gambling:

  1. Have agreed upon win/loss limits before you start a session.  This eliminates any disagreements about when to cash out.  If things are going well you can always adjust as you go but it’s good to have a limit going in.
    2.   Play an agreed upon strategy.  For example for video poker, play basic strategy and don’t deviate.  If you are both playing correct strategy there should be no questions about what cards to hold.
    3.  You got to have trust.  Kind of a no-brainer but there could be opportunities for one person to take advantage of the situation so be sure to partner with someone you fully trust.
    4.   Doesn’t work for certain games.   We also played a lot of craps on the trip and b/c of varying styles, craps is a more difficult game to pull off the team approach

Be sure to listen to the show for more tips. If you have had any success gambling as a team, let me know! I’m always looking for ways to improve my Vegas experience and also make sure to check on of the best online gambling sites.


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