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Episode #63 – Tiered Budgets with Cousin Vito

In this episode, I talk about how my approach changes based on my daily budget- what games I’d play, what I’d buy in with, and my general strategy. For an another perspective, which is always nice, I had Cousin Vito join me. If you don’t know, Cousin Vito is the host of the aptly named Cousin Vito’s Casino Podcast. While not Vegas specific, it’s a great show with solid advice and a fun atmosphere for casual gamblers.

What we found, unsurprisingly, is that we likely wouldn’t change much if our gambling budget increased dramatically. This may be because we are both risk averse. Both of us pride ourselves on knowing when to walk away (most of the time). Our big takeaway? Make sure you’re always having fun. If not, then it’s time to get up.

What about you? Do you think your approach would change? Any games or bets you may try?

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