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Episode #55 – Talking Blackjack With Philip Reed

I’ve been on a mission to soak up as much about blackjack as possible. I feel I’ve become fairly adept at both Craps and VP, the strategies have become fairly second nature now. But BJ is still a game I haven’t given much attention. Because of this, I’ve welcomed any discussion on it I can find. My wife has proven to be an apathetic audience. So, I was happy when I came in contact with Philip Reed.

Philip Reed’s newest and 9th book is called WILD CARDS: A Year Counting Cards with a Professional Blackjack Player, a Priest, and a $30,000 Bankroll. Phil’s day job for 15 years was as a Senior Consumer Advice Editor at He now writes for in a similar capacity. What I liked about Phil’s approach in this book is that he was a beginner. In fact, he was on an episode of Gambling With an Edge, a very good gaming podcast, in which they discussed some of the technical aspects of card counting and gambling in general, along with some potential card counting mistakes in Phil’s book. These are expected with virtually all gamblers taking on a new game. If you’re interested you should definitely check out that podcast as well. I don’t get into the intense aspects of card counting, as I’m not equipped.  Phil and I just have a general discussion of the game, how he got started, and how the casino environment is made to throw off players. Phil is a very nice guy and I like that his daily work is dedicated to helping people make better financial decisions. It’s something I can definitely connect with.

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