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Episode #50: Low Roller For A Day

We did it! Episode 50! I can’t thank you all enough for tuning in and supporting the show. In this episode, we celebrate 50 episodes of unabashed low roller-dom. And, I look back at what I’ve learned so far. Also, I pose the question, “What would our favorite gamblers do if they were shackled by low roller restrictions?” 

That’s why I talked to Mark and Dr. Mike of You Can Bet on That to see how they would handle a modest budget. Plus, they walk us through how newbies should approach the craps table:

When do we put down our money?

Who do we give it to?

What bets are best to make if you have limited funds?

We cover all this in the show. So, give it a listen. What do you say to 50 more?


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