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Episode #3: Churning, Burning, and Your Credit Score

In episode #3 of this soon-to-be award-winning podcast, I talk about how churning and burning credit cards can impact your credit score.

More detailed notes can be found on a post I did earlier on this very topic: How a Churn and Burn Credit Card Strategy Impacts Your Credit

Some key points:

  • Establish your own value structure when looking to implement any credit strategy
  • Churning and burning can be an effective way to establish loyalty and reap significant points
  • We just can’t let spending get out of control
  • Always know that your normal spending covers the required, initial spend

Here’s a quick breakdown of how your score is calculated (FICO):

35% – payment history

30% – amounts owed (credit limit utilization ratio)

15% – length of history

10% – credit mix

10% – new credit

In future episodes, I’ll discuss some of my favorite cards and my credit strategy. Thanks, as always, for listening. Let me know what you think!

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