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Episode 1: The Three Alwayses of Budget Travel

In the first episode of my brand new venture, I discuss the three things budget travelers should always keep in mind as they plan their trip. Below are the show notes.

#3 – Money Always Matters

  • Are we chasing rewards or loyalty perks we’ll never use?
  • We want to be sure our cost outlay is less than the perks we are seeking
  • Ideally, we’ll save money and maximize value at the same time
  • These two don’t always work in tandem
  • I give an example of how in the episode
  • I’ll always take guaranteed savings today instead of hoping to maximize value later

#2 – Always Sign up for Loyalty Programs

  • This is a must even if your goal is not to climb tiers or initiate longterm loyalty
  • Good deals can still be had via email promotions direct from companies
  • If you’re worried about spamming your normal email, create a separate email account solely for travel purposes
  • Often, you can save valuable travel time by having information stored ahead of your trip
  • I talk about how I got in and out of an otherwise busy Budget location in the episode

#1 – Always Be Rebooking

  • I wrote about this in a separate piece altogether
  • This is the easiest way for budget travelers to save significant money with relative ease
  • Always know the terms and conditions of your rate before making any changes
  • I like to check rates once a week on different days
  • I’ve saved hundreds on individual trips by rebooking hotel stays and car rentals

I hope you enjoyed the first episode of the Travel Fanboy Podcast. I love hearing your feedback, so drop me a comment or an email if you’d like to share your thoughts!

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