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How Community Blackjack Works

Editor’s note: One of the more confounding aspects of stadium gambling is how blackjack works in a community setting. With so many players and limited cards, how are hands decided and played out? I got help from casino insider and friend of the show, Paul. He was nice enough to draw up a graphic for us to follow. If you have questions, leave them in the comments below and I’ll pass them on.

The dealer deals out cards 1,2 and 3. At this point each player decided to hit or stand. There is a count-down timer to make your decision, and if all decisions are made the dealer is prompted to continue immediately to keep the game pace.

Card 4 is then dealt as a community card. Player A decided to hit, so the first community card (4) goes to them, and card 5 becomes the dealer card (assuming they only hit once). Player B stands on the first two cards to the dealer gets card 4 for their hand.

This allows every player to have a unique hand and unique dealer hand based on their own actions. At the podium you only see the cards as in the second and third graphic below.

The podium is simulated graphics as well, where as there is a camera on the actual dealer table showing the cards as they are laying them out.

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