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If You Enjoy Bar Top VP, Head to Chandelier

Two Vegas activities I like more than most: playing video poker and enjoying delicious cocktails. If you have the same proclivities, add Chandelier Bar to your next Vegas  itinerary.

Chandelier Bar is a three-story lounge in the Cosmopolitan. It’s located on the Strip-end of the resort, the opposite side of the main check-in area. It’s hard to miss because this:

Each level of Chandelier features a different set of menus, but you’re not bound by the listed options. The bartenders are exceedingly knowledgeable and don’t mind going off script. Simply tell them what flavors and spirits you like, and they’ll whip up something just for you. On a recent trip, I had a bartender, by his own creativity, take me on a “world whisky tour”. Hopping from the U.S. to Ireland to Scotland, he whipped up a specialty drink based on a whisky from each of the respective countries. Each one was more delicious than the last.

Stop 1
Stop 1


Stop 3
Stop 2



Not feeling all that creative? Here are a few of their standard favorites:

The Forbidden Fruit: A complex apple-forward cocktail that we’d trade our place in the Garden of Eden for. The name celebrates the symbolism of the iconic apple in religious, mythological, folkloric and artistic traditions throughout the centuries.

The Infinite Playlist: A updated variation of the classic Old Fashioned, this cocktail has as its base a 12-year rum aged in bourbon barrels, marrying the toffee and oak with vanilla undertones. It’s sleek, modern luxury in a glass.

Verbena: A highly aromatic cocktail playing on the sweet lemon of verbena and the kick of ginger. Eat the Szechuan button before sipping to take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride.

The Verbena is Las Vegas media favorite.

Video poker can only be found on the bottom level and the seats are limited. If you’re with a partner, it may be hard to find seats during peak times. Unfortunately, the bar is so good that there will frequently be people bellied up who aren’t playing VP, taking up valuable space. I don’t like those people. If you’re solo, you likely won’t have much trouble grabbing a stool.

Playing at Chandelier is one of the few times I’ll completely lose track of my bankroll. I’ll put $20 after $20 in the machine as long as the drinks follow. They’re worth about that anyway. The VP odds are not good at all, but that’s not why we go. It’s a beautiful bar in a lively casino that offers high-end cocktails with your VP play. That’s a winning combination to me.

For hours (Level 1 is open 24/7) and other stuff: The Chandelier Las Vegas Lounge


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