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Best Blackjack in Las Vegas

Given its popularity, blackjack is usually one of the first games learned by gambling novices. It was the first game I ever played in a Vegas casino and it wrecked me. With a house edge of under 1% and a straightforward strategy, there’s no wonder it’s hard to find an empty table on a Vegas weekend. Even the dreaded 6:5 tables still offer a comparatively good value. Please don’t send me hate mail for that remark. I refuse to play it out of principle, but the 2% house edge is still better than most games you’ll find. The game is quick, easy, and social. If you’re just starting out, check out “Blackjack Tips for Beginners“. When you’re comfortable enough to hit the felt, take a chance at a few of these casinos:

2017  Edition


Golden Gate

GG, like it’s sister casino, The D, boasts a rowdy atmosphere with dancing dealers and great drink service. You’ll find $5 minimums even on the weekend.

Downtown Grand

If you’re looking for a more subdued atmosphere, DTG is the place. Just a block off of Fremont, the casino is rarely busy, so you’ll find inexpensive tables at all times. It’s clean and, because of the lack of patrons, has limited smokiness. Plus, you’re right next to Pizza Rock.

El Cortez

This place isn’t for everyone. It’s full of smoke and a glimpse into the Vegas of the past. You’ll find good rules and low minimums perpetually. Stop at the Parlour Bar for a true Vegas lounge feel before you leave.

Main Street Station

You’ll have to try hard to not find a cheap game downtown. I sound like a broken record, but this is another casino with low limits and an old school vibe. MSS is a really unique space. Plus, if you need a break, you’re close to 777 Brewery and some of the best video poker in Vegas.



A favorite of several acquaintances of mine with, as of this year, confirmed 3:2 $5 tables. Results may vary, but it’s another casino in a prime location. Further, next to a low roller favorite: Casino Royale.

Treasure Island

Likely the best casino on the Strip for low roller table game play. You’ll find a bunch of $5 tables here on weekdays and some still offer a 3:2 game with other good rules for the player. It’s certainly not the TI I fell in love with on my first trips, but there are good games to be had.


A $10 game is the cheapest you’re likely to find, but you get a game in a beautiful property in a great location. With the addition of the sportsbook, this boutique casino is becoming one of the best casinos on the Strip regardless of your bankroll.


Ellis Island

A low roller paradise. $5 games from an independent property that knows how to treat its guests well. After you down a couple of their great craft beers, you’ll wonder why you didn’t come here sooner.

Red Rock

Classy local joint with great rules and plenty of tables. You’ll need a car to get here, but this expansive resort has everything to keep you there for a while.

Gold Coast

Not far from the Strip, GC is a quick Uber/Lyft ride away. Yuk it up with the locals and grab some cheap booze in their gift shop.

This, of course, is far from a complete list. It’s simply a handful of spots I enjoy. Have a favorite casino? Let me know!


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