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Bang for Your Buck: Adding Shopping Portals to Your Points Strategy

In this episode, I talk with Joseph, the OhTravelDad, as he helps explain some of the most popular shopping portals where we can easily earn extra points or miles.

Joseph writes for, we met at Zorkfest and he’s a great member of the broad travel community, always posting interesting deals and promotions not just on his site, but in other forums and groups as well. I’m happy to have him on to talk about a topic that I’m a little behind on, but I know could probably help expedite some of my point earning. With so many programs and shopping portals out there, it can seem a bit daunting, but Joseph is here to shed some light for us.

Here are some of the portals and opportunities we discuss in depth in the show:

  • Cashback Monitor
  • Ebates
  • Dosh
  • Airline shopping portals
  • United MPX
  • Cartera
  • Membership Rewards and Ultimate Rewards
  • Airline dining programs

Joseph also details some great stacking opportunities:

  • MileagePlus dining – Citi Prestige 5X/Amex Gold 4X/MPExplorer 2X/Bonvoy Biz 4X (Standard vs VIP)
  • Shopping – Favorite card/MPX/Portal (Airline/Ebates)
  • Mystery Program? Crazy stack: How to earn 5 different loyalty currencies eating out at ONE restaurant!

Let us know if you have any cashback or shopping tips. Thanks for listening!

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