Travel Fanboy

100 Thousand Thanks

Thank you. Yes, you. I started the podcast and this site as a way to channel my excitement about our favorite city. My wife was understandably tired of me boring her with the subject, of which she’s ambivalent.

Today, the website hit 100,000 views. Further, I’m about to air the 50th official episode of the podcast. While these may be negligible numbers to those more experienced in the online space, they’re fun milestones to me. It means I’ve been able to connect and interact with a bunch of people who share what may be an abnormal obsession with Las Vegas- my kind of people.

I can’t take credit for all 100K site views and now 75K podcast downloads. No, the real credit goes to you. You’ve liked, socially shared, and spread the word for me. For that, I’m exceedingly grateful. I’ll be continuing doing this as long as I’m having fun creating content and for as long as I think people are having fun interacting with the content. So, if we’re all having fun, let’s keep this train rolling.

I’m excited for some new things to come. New reviews are coming this week. A report on esports is coming soon. Also, I’ll be dipping my toes into creating a vlog soon. We’ll see how that goes.

As always, if you have any questions, tips, suggestions, or just want to share some general musings, feel free to contact me. Thanks again. See you in Vegas!


Host of the Vegas Fanboy podcast. A reluctant Millennial. An amateur human.