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Leilani Farm and Elvis Escapades

Mahalo everyone! I picked up that word from my new friends at Leilani Farm Sanctuary. Be please be kind, check out their site, and consider throwing some loose change their way. Even a little bit goes a long way. At the very least, we can help them out by spreading awareness of their great organization. I’ve had a blast spreading the word as I urge you to become involved in local charities and with causes close to home. Please let me know of the charities you support; I’d be happy to promote them like I have for Leilani this month.

For animal sponsorships and a chance to cohost the show, check out their page.

I’d like to thank everyone that’s supported the show and the organizations we feature. In return, I hope I’m able to provide you with an informative and entertaining Vegas outlet. Enjoy listening to our Elvis escapades and pictures below!

– Adam


Photo May 06, 9 39 41 PM

Photo May 06, 9 39 54 PM

Vegas Elvises


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