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Good, Great or Grand? Everyday Roulette Strat

As we embark on our journey to be better gamblers, we need to entertain all manner of strategies to gain an edge. There are, truly, no bad strategies. They may not all be fruitful. They may not all be mathematical. But they’re never bad. They’re either good, great or grand.

In this series we breakdown gambling strategies circling the porcelain rim of the internet and assign one of the three ‘G’ ratings. And just like these strategies, this may not be fruitful. This is certainly not mathematical. But it may not be bad.

Today’s strat: daily roulette

Image text: Can you make money from roulette by going every day and playing red or black, win 1 spin and walk away and come back the next day?

Found on Quora, our gambler poses a thought-provoking hypothetical. Enter a casino, saddle up to the roulette table, place your winning bet and leave. Rinse, lather, repeat. Do this everyday for a year and you’re up 365 units. Thank goodness casinos never close.

Roulette, as we know, can be volatile. Playing 365 hands in a row in one session is out of the question. It’s far easier to control the outcome of one event than it is 365, let alone all in a row. There’s beauty in the simplicity. One bet once a day and get the hell out. My major gripe is that they didn’t suggest a particular color. I imagine there’s more to develop here. Perhaps they look at the pattern of the previous spins, waiting for the right time and choosing the color most likely to come up next.

What’s brilliant about this, though perhaps unintentional, is it’s the perfect ruse for frequent casino visits. I don’t imagine my wife would be thrilled if I went to the casino everyday. But if I found a loophole in the casino system? A surprisingly elementary scheme the casino is blind to? She’d have to let me go.

Daily Roulette


This is an uncomplicated, yet time consuming roulette recipe. Allows for frequent casino trips, but still needs development to be elevated to a “Grand” strategy. 

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