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Episode #39 – Vegas Finds $5 and Under

I found it very serendipitous that a few of my favorite podcasts all mentioned money or bankrolls on their most recent episodes. You Can Bet on That and Vegas Tripping both made these major discussions. Vegas Tripping even mentioned the ludicrious notion of spending under $5 a day, as was promoted by another Vegas media outlet. Today on VFB I won’t be promoting that idea either. Rather, just some fun, cheap finds on the Strip and downtown. How about we make a day of it?


Samballatte cappuccino ($3.50) – Monte Carlo

Vegas in the morning is really underrated. At about 7 – 8 am, the Strip is free from all the meanderers and street performers. It’s quiet, the streets are bare, but the resort exteriors are still as lively as they were 12 hour prior. It’s a really cool time to be out and about or, just sitting around and taking it all in. That’s why Samballate is my favorite morning routine if I’m staying near mid-Strip. I’ll grab a cappuccino, which is one of the best I’ve ever had, at about $3.50 and grab a chair in their outdoor seating area.

Mid-morning gamble

Ellis Island’s $5 blackjack

Since we’re still on the Strip, we’ll head over to a low roller favorite, Ellis Island. Just a couple blocks east of the Strip, behind Bally’s on Koval where you’ll find a $5 blackjack game offered 24/7. You’ll also find some cheap breakfast options, like $3.99 pancakes if your coffee didn’t quite fill you up. If you can’t bring yourself to leave, they have cheap microbrews and discounted craps in the afternoon.


Yardhouse tacos at the Linq

You can find a few delicious tacos for under $5 at the Yardhouse. The baja fish and chicken tinga tacos cost $3.95. Plus, during happy hour, the popular vampire taco is discounted to $5. Go at the right time (happy hour) and you can have a hearty, cheap meal.

Afternoon drinks and gambling

Casino Royale’s $3 craps and $1 beers

Casino Royale is dark, musty, and smelly. But man, it can be a great time. You’re more likely to find a spot at a table here in the afternoon, as it gets quite crowded in the evening. But even if you don’t feel like gambling, you can always grab a $1 Michelob from the bar.

Evening snack

Pizza Rock’s meatballs ($5)

We’re headed downtown in the late afternoon and we’ve probably worked up a small appetite on the journey. So, no better place to fill up than Pizza Rock. While pizza is obviously the cornerstone here, their meatballs pack a culinary punch. Seriously, they’re so good, you’ll probably want to go back the next day for more. These can be had for $5 on Mondays during the NFL season.

Early evening drink

Banger Brewing’s happy hour beer ($5)

Located at 450 Fremont. A favorite of listener James is their El Heffe beer, which according to BB, is “infused with freshly roasted jalapenos and serrano peppers.” It may not seem like a winning combination for a beer, but I know it’s popular among other vegas podcasters and listeners.

Evening gambling

Golden Gate’s $5 craps and blackjack

This is my go-to spot for evening gambling in Las Vegas. Granted, you’re going to find an abundance of $5 tables downtown at all hours. I know, however, that win or lose, I always have a good time at GG. The dealers are super friendly, the atmosphere is lively, and the cocktails consistent.

Late night snack

American Coney’s coney dog at the D ($3.75)

What better place to go after a few too many Mountain Dews at GG than American Coney? Open 24/7, but I’ve never been in here before 2 am, it’s much needed comfort for an empty stomach. You can work off the excess calories before bed by taking in a few rounds upstairs at the Sigma Derby machine.

Rest your head

Four Queens $0 resort fee

It’s not going to win any Five Diamond awards any time soon. It’s not the Bank, afterall. However, if you want to support one of the few holdouts from the dreaded resort fee era, Four Queens is for you. Simple rooms, simple service, but an affordable room for solo travelers or those who don’t spend a lot of time in their host hotel. Might be a good place for solo VIMFP attendees traveling alone.

Have any $5 favorite of your own? Let me know and I’ll add them to the page!

Feature photo: Ellis Island by Craige Moore via CC BY-ND 2.0

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